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The next few paragraphs provide an outline to the origins of Reiki.

If the word is new to you please keep an open mind, there is no magic or trickery and the outcomes are often quite amazing. For some it is not only a way of healing it becomes a way on which their life is based.

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word with the meaning ‘universal life energy’ an energy that resides and acts in all matter (animal, vegetable or mineral). For me it is another method of helping people to overcome issues that affect them by realigning the energy fields. It is used by many people across the globe as a hands-on treatment technique but can also be used for self treatment and self development.

It is believed that we are part of the universe and we share in its energy (Ancient Chinese medicine is based on this belief). The energy of the Universe, Chi, surrounds everything and is the force behind all life.

A Japanese man, Mikao Usui became the first Reiki Grand Master after he re-discovered and further developed Reiki in the late part of the 19th century after seeking out documented evidence of healing undertaken by Buddha from reading the Tibetan Buddhist sutras. This gave him the belief to pursue his feelings and following a retreat on Mount Kuri Yama near to Kyoto he was enlightened and became attuned to the Reiki symbols. Following this attunement he decided to spread this form of healing throughout the world by training other people and attuning them to the ways of Reiki. Today Reiki is an accepted form of healing throughout the world.

Reiki treatment

Reiki treatment is very simple to receive you simply relax comfortably on a couch (or if preferred in a comfortable chair) with your eyes closed there is no need to remove any clothing other than belts and shoes. I recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing as this helps the body to relax. I start by holding my hands just above you first over your head, then I hold the back of your head, after that I then hold my hands over the torso, arms and legs (normally I tend to touch only your head). My hands are held in different positions each for a couple of minutes until I have finished. During this time energy (called Chi) is fed through me to you the client.

Chi is described as intelligent energy as it will move to where it is needed most, so my hands might stay in one place longer than another.  For this reason I will not attempt to diagnose any conditions that you may be experiencing.  It should be remembered that this is a complementary therapy and is not meant to be used in place of conventional medicine.  If you feel you have a medical or psychological condition which may require conventional treatment please speak to your GP.  I can advise you further if you are not sure.

Reiki creates different feelings and sensations to each individual so there is no right or wrong feelings to have during or after a session. Most of my new clients are either nervous or excited or both when experiencing Reiki for the first time, clients who return are often looking forward to deep relaxation and the benefit of feeling really positive afterwards. There does not appear to be any link between the experience of the client and the results they notice afterwards.

Enjoying a course of Reiki treatments can lead to:

A Deep Sense of Relaxation

A Feeling of Inner Calm

Reduced Stress Levels

Increased Confidence

Increased Energy Levels

Increased Natural Healing Processes

Whilst receiving a one off treatment will bring about some of the benefits listed above, even more can be achieved by having a course of 4 to 6 sessions at weekly intervals.  The effects of Reiki are cumulative and a course of treatments seems to bring about long term benefits on many levels.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me for more information. I am quite happy to answer all of your questions to ensure that you feel this is the right approach for you.

There is great deal of information written on the subject of Reiki which is very interesting unfortunately it does not substitute the feeling of receiving Reiki from a trained Reiki practitioner.

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